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MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer

Vendor: Tyent Ionizers

MMP-11-PLATE TURBO Countertop Plates Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked. Plate Size 7" × 4 ¾" Surface Area 385 square inches Power Settings 4 Alkaline, 3 Acidic, 1 Neutral (including Turbo). Fully adjustable with 55 presets. Plate Material Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical grade, strengthened titanium plates???dipped multiple times in platinum Retail Pricing Full retail $4,295???Ask about sale prices! Filtration Dual filters Ultra filtration .01 Micron (with Standard filter option) Operational Controls Digital LCD touch screen Negative ORP Levels Up to -1050* pH Levels 1.7-12.0* Prevention Devices Flood prevention sensor Cleaning Automatic self-cleaning *Depending on your source water. How does an 11 plate ionizer compare to a 9 plate ionizer? The Tyent 11-Plate Ionizer is Eco-Friendly!!! Due to an increased flow rate, there is 40% less waste water than on 9-plate ionizers. 27% higher power 20% lower Turbo acidic levels 20% better -ORP levels

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