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WIT :: Sediment Filter

Vendor: Tyent Ionizers

???REMOVES DUST AND SEDIMENT FROM WATER SOURCE?? Sediment Water Filter Specs: ?? Inline water filter is a 5 micron sediment filter used to reduce dirt, sand, and sediment. ?? Dimensions: 2.5 W X 12 L ?? Flow Rate: .75 GPM ?? Maximum Pressure: 125 PSIG ?? Maximum Temperature: 100 F ?? Rating: 5 Micron Rating ?? Service Life: 1 Year or 3000 Gallons ?? Features: Polypropylene depth filtration Installation: 1. Note flow direction filter label. 2. Install tubing into IN position. 3. Flush filter with 1 gal. water. 4. Connect OUT tubing. 5. Check for leaks. All ionizers are subject to clogging from sediment found in source waters and decaying plumbing which can cause the units to mal-function. This can lead to unwanted repairs which can be prevented. The Tyent Pre-sediment filter will trap all dust and sediment before it reaches the ionizer. 1. PROTECTS AND PROLONGS INTERNAL FILTER LIFE. 2. PROTECTS INTERNAL COMPONENTS FROM CLOGGING. 3. CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO ?_?? WATER LINES WITH QUICK DISCONNECT FITTINGS. 4. EASY INSTALLATION.

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